When to Install Ducted Air Conditioning in Your Home

When to Install Ducted Air Conditioning in Your Home

Ducted air conditioning in Byron Bay is wonderful to have to when the temperatures outside start to heat up. Having an air conditioner is ideal for your comfort, but it also has health benefits for your family. If you’re debating having a ducted system installed in your property, the experts here at Coolman Airconditioning can help.


We are experienced with installation and care of your cooling system and can answer all of your questions, including those about when to install a ducted air conditioner. 


Before Summer Heats Up

Don’t wait to choose ducted air conditioning until it’s already hot outside. If you want to enjoy the system all summer long, have it installed before it heats up. That way you won’t be waiting your turn in line and suffering the high temperatures in the process.


Call us now to get things underway before you’re miserable and hot. 


You Have Existing Ducts

If you already have ducts in place in your home, a ducted cooling system is the perfect choice. That’s because it can be installed and attached to the ducts and vents you already have running through your home. This saves time and money on the overall cost of installation. These ducts can then be used to run your heater in the wintertime!


It’s Humid

Living in the Northern Rivers means that humidity levels get quite high during certain parts of the year. A ducted air conditioner is ideal for controlling this in your home because they work to remove moisture from the air as it’s released into your home.

You won’t see the same benefits with a ductless system so if humidity bothers you, ducted is the way to go. 


Ideal Air Flow

If you want precise air flow, ducted air conditioning is the definite choice. You can control how much air goes into each room of the house by closing and opening vents to prevent stagnant air and pockets in your home that are hotter or cooler than you want them to be. You can also use it to cool rooms individually. 


You Care About Looks

If you want a seamless look on the outside of your home as well as the inside, ducted air conditioning is the ideal choice. The main unit is located outside the house in a spot that isn’t too obvious and you won’t have to deal with bulky units in the windows. 

If you want ducted air conditioning for your home, let the local experts help. Call Coolman Airconditioning for information or a quote!

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