How to Make Sure You Get the Most Out of Your Air Conditioning

How to Make Sure You Get the Most Out of Your Air Conditioning

Air conditioning repair in Byron Bay is something we specialise in here at Coolman Aircon. Not only can we provide you with a new system, but we can help you maintain your current system.


You never want to find yourself without cool air on a hot day, so getting the most out of your air conditioning system is something we think is pretty important.


Keep reading to find out how to get the most out of yours on a daily basis. 


Get it Serviced Regularly


Proper maintenance is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your air conditioner.


We can help you keep it maintained so it’s always in top working order. You should keep the condenser clear of twigs, leaves and debris using care not to damage the surrounding parts.


For other maintenance questions and tasks, we can help you set up a schedule based on the manufacturer suggestions.


You should also change the filter on a regular basis. If you ever notice any issues with your unit, get them checked right away. 


Open and Close Vents Strategically


If you have areas or rooms in your space that aren’t used on a daily basis, closing the vents in those places can help keep the other areas cool.


You can also close vents in spaces that are naturally cooler, which ensures optimal cool air flow through the entire building.


At the same time, you should make sure that vents aren’t blocked because that can keep the cool air from circulating properly.


If you notice anything in front of an air conditioning vent, move it to get the maximum cooling from it. 


Keep the System Running


You might think that you’ll save money by waiting to turn on your air conditioner until it gets really hot. The truth is that this makes the unit have to work harder to help lower the temperature, which can actually cost you more.


It’s better to leave the unit on but turn up the thermostat a few degrees so that it doesn’t become sweltering before you let the air conditioner do its job. 


Use Fans

Using ceiling and floor fans can help keep the air cool, reducing the work required from your air conditioner.


This saves money and reduces your energy usage while still keeping you happy and comfortable in your space.


If you want maintenance, a service visit or air conditioning installation in Byron Bay, call Coolman Aircon where one of our expert staff will be happy to help. 

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