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Contact the friendly and knowledgeable team at Coolman Airconditioning to find out more about our wide range of residential and commercial air conditioning systems, and installation, maintenance and repairs in Ballina.

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Coolman Airconditioning provide installation and maintenance services throughout Ballina and surrounding areas. We can help with ducted air conditioners, split systems, reverse-cycle units and more.

Our experienced team have years of experience designing and installing both rooftop and in-ceiling ducted air-conditioners.

Our air conditioning services include:

Our Ballina air conditioning technicians carry out installations and commercial servicing and warranty repairs for brands including Panasonic, Actron Air, Fujitsu, and many more.
We are a warranty agent for Fujitsu, LG and Panasonic. We offer competitively-priced repairs and air conditioner servicing.

Call us today to compare prices on top quality brands!


Our Team

Family Business

Coolman Airconditioning is a family owned business dedicated to providing residential and commercial clients in Ballina with great services and top quality air conditioning solutions.
If you’re looking to have air conditioning installed at your home or workplace, we can help.

At Coolman Airconditioning, we can recommend the right product for your needs. We have years of experience working with home cooling and heating systems, including ducted, split-system or reverse-cycle air-conditioners and ducted gas heating.

We sell, install, service and repair air conditioners throughout Ballina and surrounding areas and provide free quotes on all product installations.

Contact Coolman Airconditioning in Ballina today for further information!


Residential Air

Sales & Installation

Coolman Airconditioning installs ducted, split-system or reverse-cycle air-conditioners and ducted gas heating throughout Ballina. Chat about your needs today!


Commercial Sales & Installations

Keep Comfortable All Year

Our experienced technicians will come up with an air conditioning solution that will suit your space so you can enjoy cost-effective, energy-efficient, heating and cooling throughout the year.


Servicing & Maintenance

At Coolman Airconditioning our experienced team have the skills, experience and equipment to handle minor and major repairs for commercial and residential air conditioners throughout Ballina and surrounds. We can repair and service ducted systems, wall units, split-systems, evaporative coolers and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How efficient are new air conditioning systems?

Generally, the higher the efficiency of a system, the more sophisticated the technology used to run it. While this may mean a higher outlay for purchase, the savings on your energy bill will continue to show long after the initial system purchase cost is paid back.

Tips for choosing the right air conditioning system?

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home can be a complex process. There are many choices in design, function, style and energy efficient air conditioners. Your local technician can provide a customised solution.

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