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At Coolman Airconditioning, we get asked lots of questions. These questions include, ‘how do I choose the right air-conditioner for my home?’, or ‘how much does it cost to install an airconditioner?’.

The answers to these questions depend on the type of air-conditioner you want to use, whether you want to heat and cool, or how big the coverage area. The easiest way to answer these questions is by arranging a consultation with Coolman Airconditioning.

Air Condition - Coolman Airconditioning in Broken Head, NSW

We happily travel throughout the Northern Rivers region to assess your home or commercial property. This allows us to give you a detailed quote and clear product recommendations. To get you started, we’ve compiled some other questions and information on heating and cooling.


Buying the right size and capacity air-conditioner for your home will have a huge influence on your energy bill, as well as how cool your home feels in summer.

There are a few things to consider when choosing an air-conditioning system:

At Coolman Airconditioning, we lend our extensive product knowledge to clients looking for new cooling and heating options for their home. Based just outside of Byron Bay, we supply and install air-conditioners throughout the region, including across to Lismore, Bangalow and Mullumbimby.

Air Condition - Coolman Airconditioning in Broken Head, NSW


This is always a hard question to answer, simply because every property has different needs. The right air-conditioner for a Byron Bay restaurant is going to be different from the best airconditioner for a home in Lismore.

We have carefully selected the air-conditioner brands that have proven performance and energy efficiency. Our technicians can assess the layout and size of your home or commercial space and recommend the right model to suit your needs.

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Ducted airconditioning is ideal for larger houses, with the capacity to cool a larger space or a number of rooms. This system is run via ducts and vents placed in the ceilings, walls or floors, with the outside unit concealed from view. The great function of the ducted air-conditioning system is that it can be divided up into zones, allowing you to select which areas are to be cooled or heated, at any one time.

Split system air-conditioners, on the other hand, are ‘split’ into two parts, with the indoor unit mounted on the wall, console or bulkhead and the outdoor unit placed directly behind it outside. A split system heats and cools, has low operational noise and is very simple to install. This system is a popular option for homes, particularly for coastal areas.

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